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We met a lot of people in our life journey. Lots of unforgettable memories, lots of good vibes, lots of great friends. We asked some of them to say something nice about us… and with happiness tears in our eyes, that’s what we’ve got:

Friendsbook ❤️

I just wanna say that this was one of my most exciting projects and we had the best team and organisers. When I say this after having been to 30+ other projects before that, it really means a lot. «Empathy for better future» marked the beginning of one more exciting, happier, and better period of my life and I want to say thanks to everyone! We shall repeat it. ❤️


Bulgaria 🇧🇬

In 2016 I was facing a period in which I was unsure about my future, so I joined the project «Don’t mind the gap» in Gandia. It was a fundamental step that helped me to take important decisions that brought me where I am now. By that time Svetlana was coordinating her first project, but it seemed like she had been doing it for years. Big up!


Italy 🇮🇹

I just have to say bravooo! For all the work and people with whom I worked in this project, fabulous indeed. Svetlana was so professional and dedicated, giving the group fascinating insights and showing us that, in order to create European projects, hard work and focus are necessary! Also soft skills are important and I achieved to grow in some of them thanks to the training course. And… because I was with a lot of inspiring people, I also realized that books and writing are my passion and so I decided to create my own literature blog. This project made me understand all these things, so thanks to all of you!


Portugal 🇵🇹

Even after a lot of time has passed, I still remember the German cultural night that we organized during the youth exchange “Look Around”. ☺️ Our team from Germany consisted from one German girl from the Western part, one half German-American boy living in Stuttgart, two students from Latvia (living for 3 years in Berlin) and one girl from Ukraine who was studying for a year or so in Frankfurt Oder. It was so much fun to plan it and then act on the stage. We did our best and we tried to show to the rest of the participants that Germany has much more facets, traits and nationalities that we can imagine…


Latvia 🇱🇻 / Germany 🇩🇪

«Look Around» was my first Youth Exchange. Despite everything I read beforehand, I would have never expected an experience as rewarding and memorable as the week I spent with the most beautiful souls at a peaceful beach in Spain. Apart from learning more about Social Entrepreneurship in fun and insightful workshops, the learning environment encouraged self-awareness, which enabled me to reflect on my perfectionism, life goals and sense of purpose. As part German and American, I loved how culturally diverse our group was and made new friends I am still in touch with until this day. I am extremely grateful for this experience and would do it again any time.


Germany 🇩🇪

My favourite Spanish organization! Responsibility, love for work, professionalism, a high level of projects: this is about them. One of the best experiences in my 11 years of project career was in 2019 in Alicante – “We Are All Nomads”. The project was of high quality in all features: program, accommodation, food, attitudes and motivation of the participants and, most importantly, the high quality work of the Associació Cultura Creativa. I hope that together we will develop more similar projects in the future!


Estonia 🇪🇪

I cooperated with Associació Cultura Creativa during the «NFE Methods for Youth Workers» project in 2019. The initiative was excellent organized and extremely informative. The innovative and interesting trainings were conducted by professionals who were always well-prepared. In just a few days I learned more about experimental methods of education than ever before. Interesting as the topic of the project might be, I would not be the same without marvelous people who I met in Alicante.


Poland 🇵🇱

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