You know that when it comes to Lithuania, we are not unbiased!  We are always happy when we have the opportunity to send Spanish participants to this cold, but beautiful country 

Last week 3 of our participants came back from the training course «Cross Borders» 

We share with you some information regarding their experience and of course some captured moments 

On 4-13 November 2019, International ERASMUS + training course: «Cross Borders» took place in Aukštaitija National Park!

The project involved 30 participants from 10 different countries – Lithuania, Italy, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria and Hungary. The participants were youth workers and representatives, between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, who work with young people and / or refugees / immigrants in their daily lives.

The training course provided awareness and development opportunities for the integration of migrants into society, explored mobility trends in Europe and shared experiences promoting interconnection and cooperation.

Local youth are involved in activities that deal with aspects of international emigration. During the training, participants gained not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. The course promoted youth initiative and tolerance of youth mobility in the face of international migration.

We invite you to take a look at the international training moments of the Erasmus + Cross Borders project!

The project brought together enthusiastic young people, from dozens of countries around the world, to commemorate Tolerance Week with students from Ignalina Ceslovas Kudaba Progymnasium. The pupils from the school were interested in the culture of foreign countries and integration of migrants. They were able to join in activities while experiencing positive and tolerant communication from the foreign course participants.

Project partners JUST DO IT, Associacio Cultura Creativa, FONDAZIONE ISTITUTO MORCELLIANO, Municipal enterprise, Aalborg Interkultural, Magistrate Foundation, Group Sunset, EXPERIMENTACULO ASSOCIACAO CULTURAL, Afroluso.

Organizer of the project – Student Union of Kaunas University of Technology. Funded by the European Union Erasmus + program. Administered by the AGENCY OF INTERNATIONAL YOUTH COOPERATION.