What do the Romanian participants say about «Empathy for Better Future»? Just scroll down…  🇷🇴

Have you ever thought about participating in a project that involves self-development and discovering different people and their cultures? That’s what we did last week and we would like to tell you more about this awesome experience! Five different teams, from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and including our team from Romania, gathered in Alicante (Spain) for one week. This experience was a youth exchange, an activity from the Erasmus+ program, during which we focused on empathy and other soft skills, such as teamwork, teambuilding, communication, social interactions as well as others. Each of us got new skills and competences, as well as improved those we already had, based on activities using non-formal methods. We developed our language skills by spending our time with 25 other people from different backgrounds and countries and by sharing our experiences with others. For some of us, like Cătălin and Alex, this was the first time going in a mobility project, and so far it turned out to be a very empowering experience.

Cătălin: «It was awesome! Just the idea that you get in touch with a lot of people from different countries and get to work together on projects was for me an impulse. You begin to know each other very well and of course to know yourself and to develop skills that maybe were not that improved. »

Alex:» We had the opportunity to improve the knowledge of English on a safe environment, and to met new people with different cultures and language so we learned how to work with them and how to have fun with them. We had an amazing week because it was all a new experience and because we saw some amazing places like Alicante and Barcelona and this was like a dream.»
And even if this project wasn’t the first for three participants of our national team, the general feeling is positive and let good results behind it.

Oana: «I for one really enjoyed one of the last activities we had – which was volunteering at a festival here in Alicante for a few hours. I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and I do it a lot in Romania, but doing it abroad felt particularly stimulating and fun. It was a really great experience to feel as part of the community even while being in another country, which further deepened my belief that we are all similar and we can always come together even while being so diverse or sometimes not even speaking the same language. »

Estelle: «This week was a great opportunity to get new communication skills and to emphasize the empathy notion which is important in everyday life and working with young people. Even if it’s not my first experience, it’s always a strong and awesome opportunity to meet and discover new cultures, and also to create new connexions.»

Going in this kind of project is not only about learning about a topic you might be interested in, but also about having the opportunity to go abroad and discover new places while spending time with other people and having fun.
Our common advice would be: try to go out of your comfort zone and you would be more than grateful to be a participant of this kind of experience!

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