Here comes the post for the youth exchange «Empathy for Better Future» from our youngest group – The Portuguese…  🇵🇹

On the 13th the 5 of us were departing from Setúbal, heading to Alicante. Waiting for us, there was this bunch of energizers, teambuilding Activities, concept, exercises, and a lot of learning. The theme? Empathy. Empathy was actually the first step to get in touch with everybody. Side to side with Spanish, Italians, Romanians and Bulgarians, all of them with different English levels. We had to find distinct paths to get connected. Especially by eating the traditions food of each of them during the international nights. The activities were pretty well organized. All of us had to be really proactive, with a lot of group tasks, a lot of debate and most of the knowledge we were receiving.

Being in such a beautiful city, with a lot of movement and so many things to do, having an individual and comfortable bedroom in such an amazing place like La Florida were crucial ingredients for the recipe of a good time, although the whole tiredness and some struggle to adapt to each necessity (human being, each one is a world).

We feel we improved our levels of both English and Spanish, learned a lot about these cultures and having new and better notions of what means being empathic and how can it help us to go further.

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