Since the future is unpredictable and we are #stayingathome, we decided to do something that we were postponing for a long long time ago: tell you more about our past projects! 

We hope you will enjoy our stories! 

The first one comes from Lithuania!

In February this year, we took part in the training course «Go International». The Coronavirus topic was already on the table, but when saying «go international» we were thinking about it in terms of international cooperation and projects and how they can contribute to the promotion of the European values of democracy, freedom, tolerance and respect of universal human rights.

More than 30 participants from 10 different countries were gathered in Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius with the aim to explore various international cooperation opportunities and create the future innovative project in the public policy field directed at youth.

The programme was very balanced, so we not only received extensive knowledge of various European cooperation programs and quality criteria but also had the opportunity to start the development of our own future international projects….and we will not hide that were actively involved in more than one of them!

The participants spent a lot of time in the training room, but we had also the chance to: explore Vilnius, visit a youth centre, a modern coworking space and the European Commission Representative Office in the centre of the city.

And if you are wondering why on one of the pictures we put a pancake, we will just tell you that there is a big and inspiring idea behind it! Stay tuned: we will share more in our next post!

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