For Associació Cultura Creativa the month of June was very special!

Our project «A Recipe for Youth Success» turned into reality! We had the pleasure to meet 30 great young people full of energy and motivation to learn more about personal branding, entrepreneurship and how to boost their personal and professional development. Our participants went back not only with a lot of knowledge and new skills, but also with tons of positive energy! According to them



– 1 professional hosting team
– 30 participants from 5 countries
– 1 tea cup Personal branding
– 100 grams Personal Coaching
– 1 kg entrepreneurship
– 1 tea spoon self presenting skills
– a handful of volunteering
– a pinch Ikigai
– energizers to your taste
– 100% good mood
– sprinkle with sea salt

Preparation time: 8 days

Dear participants, thank you a lot for the time we spent together!
Big thanks also to our partners from: CVS-BulgariaCurba de CulturăOcean ZnanjaXeración and E U R O S U D Italy!