Do you remember when we started looking for Spanish participants for the youth exchange «Heights of Creativity» in Italy? It was a last-minute call and our organization had just got involved in the project almost «accidentally»  «Heights of Creativity» was an experience that showed us that sometimes the improvised things create the most beautiful memories.

Well, the project is over and our participants are already home!  Here they are sharing with you their Italian experience:

«Hi! We are Pablo G., Juanma, Pablo N., Juanfran, Jesús, Laura, Victoria, Julia and Diego. Some time has passed about our project in Apice (Italy), but we can’t forget about it!

When we were told that we could participate in a project to develop our creative skills in Italy, we couldn’t wait to take our flights. But when Associació Cultura Creativa told us that «Heights of Creativity» was going to take place in a ghost town, this Erasmus+ project became even more interesting!

This project allowed us to practice our creative writing methods. Above all, we paid special attention to increasing our creativity and using our imagination to produce stories. And that was really easy thanks to the cultural environment in which we lived for those days, the abandoned town of Apice Vecchia!

During the project, we had to write different types of narrative and learn more about the elements that make up a story: the senses, dialogue, the characters, the objects, the senses, the emotions…

We also had the opportunity to visit Pompei, and participate in different photo sessions to create graphic material that we could use for our stories later. We did many debates and talked about literature, film and also about more opportunities to volunteer or study abroad.

The atmosphere of the ghost town made us felt like we were part of a story too: we felt incredibly grateful for how the other participants, the facilitator and the local neighbours treated us. We experienced the gastronomy, the culture, music, dances and proverbs of Italia, Spain and Romania from first-hand. It was an amazing experience that we would love to repeat soon!

We would like to thank the Romanian and Italian organizators, and especially the Spanish association (Associació Cultura Creativa ) that gave us the opportunity to participate and which made the communication really easy during the project.

Now that we are in our original countries, in our hometowns, we can’t wait to keep developing our creative potential!

This project has been economically supported by the Erasmus+ program, including flight tickets, food, accommodation and activities. If you want to learn more about participating in these amazing experiences, just ask Associació Cultura Creativa!»

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