Last month our participants came back from Varna: the third-largest city in Bulgaria, also known as the maritime capital of the country 🏖🇧🇬☀️

They brought a lot of memories and interesting stories from the youth exchange «YOUTH FOR SOCIAL CHANGE». The youth exchange gathered 22 Participants from Bulgaria, Spain and Georgia and it was hosted by the Bulgarian NGO ASSOCIATION FOR YOU (

«YOUTH FOR SOCIAL CHANGE» offered space for sharing different perspectives on social problem and different approaches to solving them. Our participants also had the opportunity to learn more about social entrepreneurship and to meet real social entrepreneurs who gave them a lot of advice and inspiration.

Here is the story that our group leader Miguel Ángel decided to share:

«All the participants arrived at hotel Briz 2 in Varna, to start the project. We were sleeping, eating and making almost all the activities in that hotel. We were participants from 3 different countries, Spain, Georgia and Bulgaria and we were sleeping in rooms of 3, one of each country. The Georgians were under eighteen years old so at the first time it was a bit hard to start to communicate with them. But thanks to the activities proposed by the organizers this situation become easier with the time.
Some of the workshops we did were about how to create a business, the weakness and the strengths of each one… also, we spent one full day visiting different social business in Varna, this activity was really interesting. Also, the energizers and the icebreakers helped us to connect at the beginning.
We had several breaks between the activities and a whole free day where we went to visit Varna.
In the end, between the different countries, there was a great relationship that grew up exponentially.
It was hard for all of us to leave this project and to say goodbye for all.»

The project was funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

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